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Banking your stem cells protects you and your entire immediate family and ensures that as stem cell technologies, gene editing, anti-aging, cancer, and other disease-fighting therapies and regenerative medicine technologies advance over the next 2-40 years you have an ample supply of potent exact tissue type matched stem cells to take advantage of all the promise Stem Cell Advancement affords all of humanity.

Tropical Beach

We offer Stem Cell Banking as part of a unique



Tropical Resort


  • Panama City, Panama is the undisputed travel hub of all the Americas and boasts dozens of non-stop flights from both the USA and Canada of North America and Brazil and Argentina of Latin America. Virtually every other Latin American country has non-stop flights to Panama City. Panama City’s Tocumen International Airport (PTY) is also the hub for many flights into Latin America from Europe and Asia. Panama City’s PTY affords a travel advantage and convenience that no other country south of the United States can compete with.

  • Panama City is a top 5 international banking center in the world. The free flow of funds is essential to any business operation and in the advancement of ground-breaking, life-altering stem cell therapies it is essential. This also makes attracting more revenue from current and future investors much more attractive.

  • Panama City is the only country south of the United States with a John Hopkins Affiliated Hospital. A city that can boast having one of the top-rated hospitals in the world “hanging its hat” just a couple of blocks from our “TBD” Stem Cell Institute is certainly a confidence boost to those leaving their native countries to explore medical options not yet available in their homeland.

  • Panama City is a world-class modern city second to none in the United States, Canada, Brazil, Asia, and Europe.

  • There are several 5-star luxurious accommodations located either in the same building as the “TBD” Stem Cell Institute or within a few blocks at very affordable rates.

  • Safety is often a big concern when leaving your hometown for a foreign land. Panama City is safe.  The “TBD” Stem Cell Institute is actually located in the most prestigious area of one of the world’s premier banking and financial destinations. “Love or hate it” when the world’s largest banks call a destination their home it had better be the safest area.

  • There is so much to do from a tourism perspective. Panama is connected to Costa Rica separated only by the Panama Canal. Think of Panama as a country that offers virtually everything Costa Rica offers but at a fraction of the cost. You can often hire a private tour guide in Panama for less than what you would pay for a group tour in Costa Rica.

  • PTY offers dozens of quick flights to virtually every other Central and South America location. You can often take day trips flying to another country in the morning and flying back that evening. That is even hard to do in the United States from one US city to another on the same day.

The other advantage of Panama is a favorable regulatory environment. Although we are affiliated with a company engaged or in the process of FDA clinical trials, forthcoming FDA approvals may take years. With that said, we need a medical center of excellence to offer stem cell treatments that can provide the same if not higher standards than currently accepted in the United States, Brazil, Canada, or Europe. Panama City is not just the logical choice it may be the only choice.

The “TBD” Stem Cell Institute is a center for Stem Cell Medical Excellence and the brainchild of some of the most experienced, influential, and forward-thinking minds in medicine. Our medical board is a compilation of Harvard educated doctors, Yale professors including current and former directors of some of the biggest names in medicine such as St. Jude’s Children’s Research Hospital, Harvard’s Brigham Women’s Hospital and the University of Illinois at Chicago, to name a few.

Unlike other international destination stem cell clinics, the “TBD” Stem Cell Institute is truly focused on bringing cutting edge stem cell therapies to the world by working with USA-

based FDA clinical trials, top regulators, research boards, pioneering physicians, cutting edge biotech research companies and major universities.

Currently, the method of producing the stem cell products being administered by the “TBD” Stem Cell Institute is FDA approved for clinical trials under an IND (Investigational New Drug). We challenge you to find any other clinic in the Americas or world for that matter that can boast such a relationship with the “Gold Standard” of all medicine the US FDA.

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