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Rheumatoid Arthritis


Multiple Sclerosis

Autoimmune Diseases

Spinal Cord Injury


Tropical Beach

We offer Stem Cell Banking as part of a unique


Disclaimer: Neither Panama Cell Therapies nor any of its affiliates are offering stem cell therapies or stem cell products in the United States of America or any country other than Panama. Panama Cell Therapies may participate or refer patients to FDA clinical trials conducted in the United States if and when available with appropriate patient consent. This website contains no medical advice. It does point out conditions that stem cells may be helpful with. However, these procedures must be performed in the country of Panama and we advise that you always consult your current physician before considering any medical treatment. Furthermore, it is important that you consult your current physician or properly licensed medical professional in that a website like this one is intended to provide limited educational information and a website cannot diagnose or treat an illness via the Internet.

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