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Developing Therapies for the 21st Century

Akan Bio is a biotechnology and cellular therapy company developing next generation injectable products for the treatment of degenerative diseases and injury. Akan BIo is developing cellular therapies and proprietary manufacturing methods to produce stem cell based therapeutics using state-of-the art tissue engineering and cell-based approaches. 

Over the past couple of decades or so it’s been no secret that many are frustrated with the high cost of medical procedures in their current country. With the United States, Europe and China being some of the most expensive countries for medical anything. The prospect of medical tourism for simply the cost savings associated with treatment has been very attractive.


The development of so many medical tourism procedures being performed over the last several years have made the choice of destination as important as the cost of the procedure . Many procedures require rest, relaxation, and recovery time. Why not do it in a tropical paradise?

ABM is very excited to announce our Panama City, Panama location. Located in a first world city with skyscrapers, five-star accommodations and a restaurants second to none while still surrounded by tropical paradise and all the adventure and tourism activities that one would expect from a Costa Rica or Brazil. Not only is Panama City the travel hub of all of the Americas, it has direct flights to every Latin American country and almost every single major US city. For example, Costa Rica is just 35 to 40 minutes by plane. Argentina and Brazil are just a couple hours away. And let’s not forget Panama, the Panama Canal and all the lush tropical paradise that Panama offers.


There are literally hundreds of activities to choose from.


From the convenience of being the travel hub of all the Americas to the modern amenities offered by the world-class Panama City, Panama coupled with the amazing amount of activities operating from a base of Panama City-- there is really on other choice but Panama.

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