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Developing Therapies for the 21st Century

Akan Bio is a biotechnology and cellular therapy company developing next generation injectable products for the treatment of degenerative diseases and injury. Akan BIo is developing cellular therapies and proprietary manufacturing methods to produce stem cell based therapeutics using state-of-the art tissue engineering and cell-based approaches. 

Banking your Stem Cells protects you and your entire immediate family and insures that as Stem Cell technologies, gene editing, anti-aging, cancer and disease fighting therapies and regenerative medicine technologies advance over the next 2-40 years you have an ample supply of potent exact tissue type matched stem cells to take advantage of all the promise Stem Cell Advancement affords all of humanity.


What do we mean by protecting your entire family? Our target is to produce 100 vials (individual bottles for application) of Stem Cells from each donor. That is 100 individual Stem Cell treatments. That is a lot. You don’t have to do much research to estimate what an individual treatment of stem cells would cost. So you are probably storing $250,000 to $500,000 at today's average costs worth of Stem Cell for the future.


A direct family member is almost always an HLA Tissue Type match for the stem cells our lab would process for a donor. That means that there is very little chance of rejection. So all the donor’s brothers and sisters, their children, probably grandchildren and may their children are likely to be able to use the same stem cells.  

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