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Las Vegas





Married; 4 children

Grew up Portland Oregon

US Army enlisted 1970-72; served in Germany in digital computer repair

University of Alabama Huntsville 1972-1975; bachelor of science with high honors in physics also served Alabama National Guard and later naval scholarship Naval Nuclear Power Program

Naval OCS and commission in US Navy 1975-1976

US Navy 1976-1976; left active duty due to hearing loss

University of Alabama Huntsville 1976-1977; master’s program in mathematics and US Naval reserve

Oregon State University 1977-78; master of science in mathematics and US Naval Reserve

Employed by Mcdonnell Douglas Space Division 1978-1982; as senior engineer also US Naval reserve 1980-1982 and university of California Irvine Bachelor of Science in biology

Baylor College of Medicine 1982-1986; Doctor of Medicine with honors and US Army Commissioned Reserves

Baylor College of Medicine 1986-1987; internship and US Army Reserve

University of California Los Angeles 1987-1990; residency in anesthesiology and US Army Reserve

Partner in Summit Anesthesia in Las Vegas, NV 1990-2004; and US Army Reserve with active duty 1990-1991 for Desert Storm and Desert Shield

Center for Pain Management 2004-2011 pain management

Better Life Treatment Center 2011-current

Hobbies: bird hunting and fishing, learning, teaching my children about life


I have always been interested in learning new things and applying them to my life. I worked my way through a private high school and through college. I have studied many topics in my years in college and applied them to the various positions I have held. After working with science, mathematics, and computers, for years, I realized I wanted to help people. I decided to go into medicine. After practicing anesthesia for several years, I again looked for new challenges and studied and then practiced pain management. Even while doing pain management I was looking for better ways to treat pain and started a small ketamine clinic, again putting me on the edge of innovation in medicine. I started using ketamine as a pain treatment because the standard treatments for chronic pain frequently fail or create terrible problems for the people we are supposed to be helping. I currently have 5 offices in Northern Arizona for pain management.

When i went to medical school, i wanted to be a healer. In anesthesia and later pain management i have been just a treater. Several years ago, I started to study regenerative medicine. It held the promise of helping the body to heal. This education has progressed to learning about adult stem cells and finally stem cell derived exosomes, the future of regenerative medicine. Regenerative medicine holds the promise of the power of healing, not just treating. I have had many success stories.  Vivian, Rachel, Katherine, Bruce, Dennis, Kathy, are just some of the people treated with stem cells who have had their lives made better.

I am excited to be able to offer stem cell and stem cell derived exosome therapy to my patients. It allows me to full fill my dream of truly being a healer, to help people without pills, steroids, or surgery. I want to offer the opportunity of a better life to all my patients. I currently have an office in Las Vegas for stem cell and stem cell derived exosome treatments in addition to my Arizona offices.


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